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Life is actually quite difficult for any freelance publisher who works offline. I know because I have been for many years. Being a freelancer means freedom, but that freedom always comes at a high price.

Who are Freelance Writers? This is actually a self-publisher. Or authors who publish their own work.

Although my special knowledge of printing has reduced my production costs to less than half of what others paid when my business was offline, life is still a daily struggle for survival. In hindsight, all I can say is offline freelance writers have too much to do to be a viable preposition. Of course, there were plenty of freelance writer-publishers who were successful at the time. But it is instructive that the vast majority of self-publishers sell their books to major publishers at the first opportunity. This trend continues to this day.

Why Freelance Writers Thrive Online

Then came the world wide web. In the beginning it did the freelance writers no good. Then suddenly, without warning, drama. A blog appears and suddenly everything changes. For many freelance writers like myself, it’s too good to be true, and people worry that it’s just another fad that comes and goes online. A bit like a fairy tale in an e-book, disappearing as if it never existed.

Fortunately, blogging already exists and has played the biggest role in the web revolution so far. Gone are the days when freelance writers had to wait to register a domain and spend a few thousand dollars to build and design their website. They will do all this only to find out that they have to pay more to promote their freelance writer’s website to get decent traffic.

The fortunate situation for online freelance writer publishers right now is that all they need is an idea. The next part is much easier. They can then set up a blog (this exercise takes a few minutes – 10 minutes maximum) and start writing and posting right away.

If they understand the basics of blogging and get the idea right, chances are the site will have massive regular traffic within a few weeks and will already be making a decent amount of money for freelance writers.

If blogs aren’t made for freelance writers, I don’t know who they are.



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