Why Freelance Writing Work For Residual Income is a Good Option

There are many people today trying to make money online. From stay-at-home moms looking for extra income to college students and even full-time workers looking to supplement their current income. A great way to earn extra income is to look for freelance writing jobs online.

When looking for freelance writing jobs, many people think the best bet is to find clients who are willing to pay them for their work. For example, there are many bloggers and website owners who prefer to hire writers for their blogs and websites because they don’t enjoy writing, or they may want to free up time to focus on other online projects.

find customer
When you’re just starting out, it can be hard to find clients. A good place to start is a simple Google search for freelance writing jobs. You can also often learn and learn from work from home forums that have a section for freelance writers. But even if you get a job, your prospects will want to see samples of your work. Fortunately, there is a way to show them your work and make extra money at the same time.

Freelance writing for a residual income
Writing for various online sites that pay residual income is a great way to start a freelance career. How it actually works, you submit your work to these sites and they share in the advertising revenue they earn from your articles. You may only be making pennies a day at first, but as you write more articles and they get found by search engines, the income can really add up to a great part-time or full-time income. The best part is that you only get paid once to write an article.

Doesn’t this sound like a living income? Consider an article I wrote for one of these sites last year that has made nearly $100 so far. My second highest item made almost $80.00. Of course, you won’t make that much money from all your articles, you might get some crap that earns very little, but you can make money over and over again from the articles you’ve written, which is a good motivation to write.

Don’t pay to join freelance writing sites
Some top article sites are not only free to join, but they also offer free training. For those looking to earn direct income through clients, these articles can be shown to clients who would like to see samples of their work. (Clients are also more likely to see you as a writer if they see your work published on these authoritative sites).

You may have to fill out an application form, but don’t let your lack of experience intimidate you. What really matters is the quality of your work. In fact, I don’t have a writing degree, or even a college degree, and yet I’m accepted on the site I’m applying to.



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